Siemens SIMATIC DP Connector

Siemens SIMATIC DP Connector

Accessory Type, PROFIBUS Bus Connector. Suitable for, SIMATIC DP PROFIBUS Nodes to Bus Cable. Communication Interface Type, RS-485.


  • Bus system
    • For process and field communication in cell networks with a small number of stations and with field devices
    • For data communication acc. to IEC 61 158/EN 50 170
  • Offers openness for interfacing to standardized non-Siemens components
    • PROFIBUS – the fieldbus standard in production and process engineering comprises:
    • Specification of the standards for the physical characteristics of the bus and the access procedure
    • Specification of the user protocol and the user interface
  • Process or field communication
    • PROFIBUS DP for fast, cyclic data exchange with field devices
    • PROFIBUS PA for applications in process automation and in the intrinsically safe area
  • Data communication
    • PROFIBUS FMS for data communication between programmable controllers of different manufacturers


  • PROFIBUS is a powerful, open, and rugged bus system that ensures seamless communication.
  • The system is fully standardized, thus enabling trouble-free connection of standardized components from a variety of manufacturers.
  • Configuration, commissioning, and troubleshooting can be carried out from any location. This results in user-defined communication relationships that are very versatile, simple to implement, and easy to change.
  • Fast assembly and commissioning on site with the help of the FastConnect wiring system.
  • Continuous monitoring of network components through a simple and effective signaling concept.
  • High security of investment since existing networks can be extended without any adverse effects.
  • High availability through ring redundancy with OLM.
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