Nidec Unidrive

Nidec Unidrive

0.75 kW – 2.8 MW Heavy Duty
(1.0 hp – 4,200 hp)
200 V | 400 V | 575 V | 690 V

Unidrive integrates, with all of its benefits, seamlessly into your system. Plus, with its scalable control and motion architecture, it’s the drive for what you need today and for where you want to go tomorrow.

Performance control – matched for every type of motor
Save energy through a wide range of energy features
Integrated safety – the new paradigm of system design
Multi-protocol – a single drive that does it all
Effortless System Integration
Scalable [machine] control
Application programming
Global Drive Obsessives
High power modules and pre-assembled cubicle drives

High bandwidth motor control supporting
switching frequencies up to 16 kHz, for open and
closed loop induction, servo and hybrid PM
motors, giving up to 3,000 Hz current loop
bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth.
Unidrive, with its high speed variants, is suitable
for applications where output frequencies above
600 Hz are needed, such as spindles and centrifuges

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